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About I and I Tailoring:

Martin Duncan was born and raised in Trelawny, Jamaica. It was there at age 17 that he was drawn to fabrics and tailoring, and requested to be apprenticed by Master Tailor Val Gibbs to learn the trade.

At age 21, Martin immigrated to Chicago Illinois and for the next 30 years fine tuned his tailoring skills. While in Chicago, Martin worked at Great Lakes Naval base in Great Lakes, Illinois, where he learned proper military dressing. He was also employed by Domestic Uniform and for 14 years was the tailor at Sew Special Cleaners and Alterations.

In 2010, Martin began the journey that is "I and I Tailoring" in Chicago. One happy customer (Jane) wrote "Look no further! Best tailor in the city!!!!"

In 2013, Martin moved to sunny Hollywood/Fort Lauderdale Florida to continue the "I and I" journey.

Martin realizes that you deserve to look your very best in custom fitted clothing at a reasonable price. Which is why he's offering his skills directly to you. No Problem!

"I and I" is a Rastafarian phrase meaning "you and me". At I and I Tailoring, you are a part of the design process. Whether it be couture alterations or simple repairs, you will get the very best service at the most reasonable cost.

Peace and Love.

Please call: 773-616-4212

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